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Durness is in the county of Sutherland that is the southern land of the Vikings. It is the most remote county in Britain yet easily accessible to the rest of the country. It is the only county in Scotland without a town and has the lowest population density in western Europe. Also, it has three coastlines - north, east and west  which provide a stunning coastal landscape of towering cliffs and golden beaches, backed by rugged mountains and barren moorlands. The empty glens of today bear witness to the great clearances of the 19th century when people were forcibly removed from their homes to make way for sheep farming 

Kyle of Durness Sangp Beach Durness Durness from Ceannabeinne

Durness being on the corner of the road networks a natural stopping place. The scenery around here is magnificent and for those accustomed to city dwelling the sheer scale of the landscape is awe inspiring. This is surely one of the most beautiful areas of Europe with sparkling rivers, scattered lochs, shimmering beaches, rugged mountains and vast expanses of open moorland, here visitors will find peace and quietness; an absolute abundance of wildlife, clean, uncrowded beaches; some of the world's best fishing; Golfing and space in which to enjoy the clear invigorating air.  

For those that are looking for peace and quiet and a opportunity to walk amongst spectacular scenery without pressures  and enjoy the natural environment at a slow pace This is what we offer.

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